Coriolis Basic Mechanics 

Basic Die Mechanic

  • Gather (Stat+Skill)d6, roll and keep any 6’s. Need one for success, more 6’s mean greater levels of success
  • Bonuses or penalties effect the number of dice rolled, not the target number for success
  • Failure generally means “something negative happens” as opposed to “nothing happens”
  • If you fail a skill roll, you may “Pray to the Icons”, and reroll any of the dice you would like. In exchange the GM gets a Darkness Point which can be used for… things (NPC rerolls, acting out of initiative, causing bad things to happen, etc.)


  • Initiative is a single die roll, higher is better, roll to break ties. Determined at start of combat, do not reroll every round

    • Having the element of surprise adds 2 to your initiative on the first round
    • The Combat Veteran talent allows you to roll two dice for Initiative
    • You can voluntarily wait by lowering your Initiative
  • By default you get 3 Action Points (AP) a round.

    • Slow actions take 3 AP, normal takes 2 AP, Fast takes 1 AP
    • Slow actions: Firing an aimed shot, Firing full auto, Administering first aid, Tinkering with a gadget, Activating a mystical power
    • Normal Actions: Attacking in close combat, Firing a normal shot, Reloading a weapon, Ramming with a vehicle
    • Fast actions: Sprinting a short distance (typically ten yards), Taking cover, Getting up off the ground, Drawing a weapon, Picking up an item, Parrying in close combat, Making an attack of opportunity in close combat, Making a quick shot, Going into overwatch, Getting into a vehicle,  Starting a vehicle, Driving a vehicle

Coriolis Basic Mechanics 

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