Matt's Experiments

An awakening (session 1)

Theme/mood of game: Babylon 5, Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, Mass Effect

Rules: (mostly) Bulldogs!, a sort of pulp sci-fi implementation of Fate

Sagan(Greg): Human Male, Security Officer
- In addition to combat training Sagan seems to have high technical skills

Damian (Dave): Human male, Military Liaison
- not a systems guy, "That's something for the IT guy"

Session notes: Wake up in a cryo bed… floating… flashing lights… into a dark room… confusion over who they are and what is going on (yes, amnesia trope!)… 10 other pods line the walls, they seem functional but locked down.

Make way through the sealed doors into what looks to be a locker/dressing room for the group of pods. Damian quickly finds his locker, Sagan has to try multiple lockers to find his. Their belongings are sparse, a set of cloths, a couple of personal items such a IDs(where they discover thier identitys) and some weapons (pulse energy pistol and a lighter slug thrower for Damian, a pair of energized swords and a backup stun pistol for Sagan). Damian finds the showers and cleans up while Sagan looks around and discovers lounge like area with  some workstations and a food dispenser.

The Cryonix Amalamated 3r (CA3R) computer recognizes Officer Sagan's authorization and allows the pair to find out a bit more about their situation. 
"Warning: Possible Terrestrial Enclosure breach, pressure dropped 20% in 5.9 seconds. Pressure currently stable. Officer Sagan, Liaison Damian activated for investigation."
why them "Officer Sagan, Liaison Damian highest ranking response officers who's pods responded to queries"
What about the other pods "Cyrodecks A1 through C18 listed as offline, can not contact at this time"
Current "ship" status "Terrestrial habitat currently at .76 atmospheres. Unable to reestablish pressure due to failures in environmental systems. Pressure in the lower decks reduced due to power conservation (theorized). Administrative decks not responding. Computer experiencing data loss and file corruption.  Operation quality androids unavailable. Repair drones at 75% capacity, but currently not responding to activation queries. "

They set out to find some pressure suits, which they recover from an emergency prep area not far from them, and the proceed to the Repair/maintenance deck areas. Luckily the lifts seem to work and deliver them int oa darkened area where a klaxon blares. Spend some time looking around, Sagan jury rigs the operator station in the area, they find a circuit breaker to reset the area's power. Lights pop on, klaxon goes off, they begin a reboot and renew install on the repair drones.

A skittering noise, in the ceiling, a vent drops to the ground as meter long beatle like bugs swarm out of the vent and head right for… the drones, where they seem to phase through/into them. Immediately the drones start to move, detaching themselves from their housings and extending sensor pods in the direction of the active humans.

End Session


Theme: Primary inspiration Shadowrun. Additional themes provided by Mass Effect (Biotics in particular) and Earthdawn (extended magical effects)

The game picks up in combat! The duo engage a half dozen swarming bug spirit possessed repair drones.  Biotics are expressed by Damian, laser swords are deployed by Sagan, drones are smushed.

Of the half dozen destroyed drones, along with parts located in the room, Sagan able to repair 3 drones. 

CA3R distributed systems network ping attempt…
Response: Sub unit "Huey" Loading  8%… 24%… Unit requests resupply.
Sub Unit "Duey" Loading Complete Unit reports ready for deployment
Sub unit "Louie" Load status 8%… 24%… 43%… 87%… 98%… 98%… 98%…. Error: Designation "Louie" unrecognized … Substitute Designation "KILZOR" accepted. KILZOR READY FOR DUTIES.


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