Indeterminate Sci-Fi



Theme: Primary inspiration Shadowrun. Additional themes provided by Mass Effect (Biotics in particular) and Earthdawn (extended magical effects)

The game picks up in combat! The duo engage a half dozen swarming bug spirit possessed repair drones.  Biotics are expressed by Damian, laser swords are deployed by Sagan, drones are smushed.

Of the half dozen destroyed drones, along with parts located in the room, Sagan able to repair 3 drones. 

CA3R distributed systems network ping attempt…
Response: Sub unit "Huey" Loading  8%… 24%… Unit requests resupply.
Sub Unit "Duey" Loading Complete Unit reports ready for deployment
Sub unit "Louie" Load status 8%… 24%… 43%… 87%… 98%… 98%… 98%…. Error: Designation "Louie" unrecognized … Substitute Designation "KILZOR" accepted. KILZOR READY FOR DUTIES.


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